I taught her to be independent

January 27, 2016
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I taught her to be independent

I taught her to be independent


“We are out getting fresh air. It was Caroline’s idea.”

“I like to hang out with my people. We go to the mall alot. I am a dancer and work out after school. I do a lot of floor work. My best friend is also a dancer. I am a senior and will probably go to Faulkner next year.”

“She says she wants to be a counselor for kids with special needs. It goes by fast. I teared up at the start of her freshman year and thought I’ve got four years to make a difference in her life. Now I have have four months. Caroline was born with Spina Bifida and we live in the grey and have been given half-empty for a long time. I taught her to be independent. She is almost too independent, but she can live in society like anyone else. I also taught her to figure out her purpose and sometimes that purpose is going to change.”

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