I think I am a better talker than bass player

April 28, 2016
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I think I am a better talker than bass player

I think I am a better talker than bass player

“I am a music lover who got to play in my favorite band, but I didn’t have a talent for it. I have a better toolbox for podcasting. I think I am a better talker than bass player. I am a graphic designer and visual communicator, but podcasting is making me a better listener. It is about the guest, they are the story. My brain is like the movie Labyrinth. I fit into ADHD and wrestle with the pros and cons of an active brain. I am good at trivia and making connections. Take something old, combine it with something else and make something completely new out of it. A mashup. I am curious about who and what people are. It is an exploration to find myself and explore other people. I am a podcast junkie and I want to craft a really good show.”

“I had performance anxiety in El Cantador. I stumbled a lot because I worried about the notes I knew I wasn’t going to hit. It was a self-fulfilling prophecy. I loved the band, but I wasn’t enjoying it like I should have. I got out, but I missed the creativity of being in a band. Podcasting is bringing that back to me. I know I am not NPR or even local radio material, but I do the shows for me and the listeners are my friends. If I give someone a good 20 minutes on a drive home or a crappy day, that is a feather in my cap. I want my shows to be good and the editing is brutal. I want my guests to sound as smart as they are. I don’t like my voice and it is hard to spend 5-6 hours editing listening to myself. The voice in the back of your head starts to say, ‘You suck. You are terrible. What are you thinking?’ I have to keep that voice at bay. There is truth in it, but not the truth. I am finding my place.”

2 comments on “I think I am a better talker than bass player”

  1. Juanita Smith says:

    I think you are a delightful, always upbeat guy Johnny. I have the exact same internal message that tells me “you suck, you are terrible, why are you still doing this” when I write. Yet I have a huge desire to keep trying. As I talk with people, it seems to be a common thread. Let me just say, YOU HAVE GOT IT, DO NOT LISTEN TO THAT VOICE IN YOUR HEAD!

    1. johnny gwin says:

      Thanks Juanita – you are so sweet!

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