I want Mobile to be proud of this mural

January 26, 2019
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I want Mobile to be proud of this mural

I want Mobile to be proud of this mural

“I am a muralist from San Diego on a sea-to-sea mural tour across the United States. I left in June to do this full time and live out of my sprinter van. Being constantly on the road allows me to be flexible and connect with people in ways that I normally couldn’t do. I get to meet strangers every day and spend time with them. I paint in places I normally wouldn’t be and connect with communities I normally wouldn’t be in. This pushes me out of my comfort zone and I couldn’t do that staying in one place. I hope to inspire some young adults and adults and will work with kids from the Boys and Girls Club on this mural in Mobile. 

Murals are welcoming and show that there is culture and art and people who care. I want this mural to be postcardesque with elements of Mobile with the battleship and animal life.  I pulled into town last night and want to learn more about the city and its history. I already know the people in Mobile are amazing and I want them to be proud of this mural.

I have been an artist my whole life and learned to do murals from my dad. I worked in the surf industry for ten years and quit murals for while. After I was hired by Whole Foods Markets to do murals in California and painted a lot of their stores, it became all I want do. I want to create across the country, leaving a mark and taking memories me.  This is the seventh or eighth month of my tour. I went up the west coast to Washington, across the top of the country to Maine and down the east coast. I was in Nashville for all of November. I did a mural in Searcy, Arkansas. After this, I go to Louisiana and Texas and head back towards the west. 

Creating a mural is demanding and grueling work. 15 hour days for six or seven days straight to get the job done. Giving yourself the ability to finish it and be happy with it but also accept you could work on it for it a long time and it would never be perfect. Artists are so hard on themselves and our own worst critics. It had to learn to give myself some flexibility to be happy with what I create.”


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  1. DAWN says:

    Very nice! What a great way to give of yourself to other communities & meet the people at the same time! Thank you for the mural you are doing for Mobile! It is outstanding!
    May God bless you & keep you safe.

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