I want these rocks to give hope and positive thoughts

June 27, 2020
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I want these rocks to give hope and positive thoughts

I want these rocks to give hope and positive thoughts

“Three years ago I saw an article about kindness rocks. I have a group of friends and thought painting rocks would be fun for us. Just a one-time thing. My friend Lynn McAllister put out an email inviting others, made the Fairhope Rocks Facebook page, and it turned into something bigger. I have learned from what others are doing and found the idea for the rock garden. The Coronavirus gave me the time and opportunity to pull it together. Allison Brunson, who owns the French Quarter, got behind it. I thought about ten rocks a week would be picked up, if that. I told Allison if it didn’t work, I would pick the white rocks out and take down the sign. Immediately, the rocks were picked up faster than I could make them. Twenty-five or 30 a day every day. It continued and I asked people to help. Three people are helping add rocks. My husband is also painting rocks for me. Lorraine Redlich is an artist and her rocks are beautiful.

It has been going on for three months and all of them are still picked up each day. I wonder who gets them. There has been so much positive feedback that it surprises me. I am so happy this matters to someone. I love painting positive messages. Maybe someone will read something that speaks to them and know they will be okay. I try to write something you would say to yourself.

I eat breakfast and go straight to painting. I paint about 25 rocks in three or four hours. I retired from nursing a year ago. I worked in nursing all of my life and loved it. I needed something to do, so I found this fun hobby. I love looking for the sayings. I have found a few on T-shirts. I am thankful people don’t see my mistakes on the rock, they just see the message.

I hope people walk by one and find the message they need today or one that brightens their day. Or they give one to their mom or co-worker because it will lift them up. I want these rocks to give hope and positive thoughts. One message I paint is ‘one positive thought can affect your whole day’.”

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