I want to be a Senator one day

May 25, 2018
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I want to be a Senator one day

I want to be a Senator one day

“I am 16 and going to be a junior next year. The wristbands are from my brother’s baseball tournament and a carnival. I don’t take them off until the end of summer. They are my memories.

I babysit during the week. We made treats to give to the neighbors and help to get to know them. The kids I babysit give me hope because they are so happy and get joy out of simple things. I have had a hard life. My parents divorced when I was little and my best friend committed suicide when he was 14. People think the world is full of hate and I want to make the world a better place. I want to double major in business and psychology and be a Senator one day.

I am a Christian and close to my church family. Knowing someone is there helps me through my hard times. I use that to help other people who feel like they are alone. There are good people who will be there for you. We have honest nights at youth and play a game called ‘cross the river.’ There is a line on the floor and that is the river, if you are in the river, we pray for each other. We did one with bullying and I was a part of that circle. It helps you get through that. It humbles when you are honest and people pray for you. It feels like there is purpose and reason to go through this. I think everyone is looking for a reason and a purpose.”

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