I wanted to show my kids there is no such thing as I can’t

February 2, 2020
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I wanted to show my kids there is no such thing as I can’t

I wanted to show my kids there is no such thing as I can’t

“I opened Savage Salon in Fairhope in August of 2017. This is more than a business. I am helping people. I don’t know what the person who walks through the door is going through, but I am going to love them when they come in. I am a listener, beautician, and mom to many people now.  I never thought I would own my own business and didn’t know how to start, but I had a vision and went for it. This salon is my mom, my sisters, and my brothers because we all pulled together to do this. It has not been easy. There have been days I have cried in here and days I have left in the negative.
When I was a little girl, I played with Barbies and did their hair. I started working as a shampoo girl when I was 10 for my godmother. I watched her doing hair and dreamed that would be me.  I worked in the salon with her for years, finally doing hair on my own. I didn’t have my license so I was stuck and couldn’t go any higher. I was a single mother with two small kids, I didn’t have time for school and boards because I needed to provide for my family. If I didn’t work, they didn’t eat. My godmother made me go back to school anyway. I went to school part-time and worked part-time. I kept a 94 GPA and still did all of my mama duties and was a soccer mom. There was a time where I didn’t go to school for three weeks because I was exhausted. One side said quit, the other side said to keep going. I got back up because I wanted to show girls they can go after dreams at any age. I wanted to show my kids there is no such thing as I can’t. If I can do it anyone can do it.
This salon is in an old building. It was once a juke joint, a gas station, and a barber/beauty shop several times. I started the business with $500 and $500 on a Home Depot credit card but if you plant a good seed, you reap a good harvest. I don’t look for customers, I look for clients to have a bond with. They become my extended family. This salon is my ministry and I want you to feel warm and welcome here. I don’t have much, but what I have I don’t mind sharing. I want to be involved and help bring people together in Fairhope because I want to see everyone prosper. If we all give a little bit, eventually we have a lot. I get my sprit from my mom. She was a single mom with five kids. We didn’t have everything we wanted but we had everything we needed.
One day I want all of the stations filled at my salon. I am going back to school in March to become an instructor so I can help other women support themselves or open their own business. I want to help grow a bunch more like me.”

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  1. Dawn says:

    May God Almighty bless you richly in all His ways!

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