I was okay with making music as a hobby

April 28, 2018
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I was okay with making music as a hobby

I was okay with making music as a hobby

“I grew up in Mobile and started writing music when I was about 14. I got a choir scholarship to Ole Miss and got serious about music and playing in coffee shops around town. I connected with Will Kimbrough and started working for him and have learned so much from Will. I am recording an album in Memphis in May and it is coming out in the Fall. Most of it is together. I am opening at the end of April for St. Paul and the Broken Bones. I am excited and very nervous. Rehearsing with the band for that show is getting me in shape for the album. Everyone in my band is a good friend and they embellish what I have.

I got into music business and was okay with making music as a hobby. I get so much out of just writing for myself. It is how I formulate my thoughts and ideas and let go of emotions. I can write a song and get it out of my system and never think about it again. Slowing down and opening up is a release.

I released a single in February before a show I did and got a great response from it. That was a surprise. It was on the blog Gorilla vs. Bear and it took off from there. It was the most emotional experience I have had with my music because I was so afraid to put it online. It was immediate feedback. It is hard to know that people judge something as a product that means so much to me. Having that positive response motivated me to keep doing this. I could make this album and no one receive it as well as the first song and I am okay with that. If it goes well, I would like to have a music career that includes touring and then start a family one day.

I produce Thacker Mountain Radio on Mississippi Public Broadcasting and put the shows together and fill in the missing pieces. The Mulligan Brothers on the first Thacker Mountain show that I went to and it was a spiritual experience, especially to see a band from Mobile. The show has a Southern rock vibe and brings in the literature of the South. We want to start doing the show a few times outside of Mississippi and I hope the first one is in Mobile.

It has been so good to be home and around my family. We are old Mobile and have been here for generations. There are also expectations that come from family names and that is good and bad. I miss Mardi Gras and being on the water on Dauphin Island. Growing up here, I didn’t want to live here but I have fallen in love with it again as I keep coming back.

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  1. Kay kimbrough says:

    Good news Kate. Doing what you love is the way to go.

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