I was washed up here a month ago

August 14, 2018
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I was washed up here a month ago

I was washed up here a month ago

“The guy I bought this sailboat from was afraid of drowning. This was his fourth sailboat and he had never been sailing. He lives on them and never leaves the pier. I told him to make sure this boat was seaworthy before he bought it. I later bought it from him after he got another one.

I washed up here a month ago. I had been out there for 30 days and anchored here to come ashore and be around people and talk to someone other than myself. I played some guitar around here, too. The shackle broke on the anchor and the boat washed up on on the beach. The hull is full of sand right now, but it is still seaworthy. Someone was going to help me get it off the beach, but the city and politicians have gotten involved.

Out there is beauty, peace and serenity you don’t find anywhere else. There isn’t drama, liars, or conflicts of personality. There is nothing in black and white and it lets you think of things in a whole new way. All of the me’s I thought I was, I never was. The me’s I had to be for a job or the motorcycle club. None of them is me. This is me. Happy regardless of what happens. Life is too short.

What if I drown? You could drown in a bath tub, does that stop you from taking a bath?

One of the experiences I had was seeing a whale. I did not know we had whales in the Gulf. He was about 25 feet long. I felt him beside me for a while and checking me out. He would come up and blow. Every living thing has energy and is a vibration wave.

A big dolphin also came up beside me. We were locking eyes and he lingered each time. I felt him feel sorry for me for being stuck up on the boat and not able to swim like he could. I didn’t know if he was picking on me or feeling sorry for me.

I grew up in Collins, Mississippi, and always liked the water. My first boat was a 22 foot Catalina. I bought it for $500 from the Salvation Army.

I am sailing to Scotland because I can trace my family tree through there and want to see their land. I don’t know how long it will take to get there because I haven’t been there yet. However long it takes, it takes and there will be plenty of adventures along the way. So many people are afraid of acting or doing something. I enjoy things most people never will because they are scared that something bad might happen. What if something good happens? There are always bad things, like this boat being here right now. It could be worse. It could also be better.

I like to plant seeds and encourage people to think outside the box. Don’t be afraid to try, or you will never do it. You have to have the bad to have the good. If you sit in the corner experiencing nothing, you are wasting a whole lot of days.

‘Stone Soup’ is the name of the vessel, but it came from the children’s story. It’s like coming on land here. People are bringing us ice, bread, water and dinner and a lot of people have come up just to talk and see the boat. The community here is awesome. If I was going to move anywhere and live, it would be here. I have been to a lot of places, but this is the most welcome I have ever been.”


5 comments on “I was washed up here a month ago”

  1. David Padgett says:

    Good Luck to you man…!

  2. Gene says:

    You’re living the dream of many folks out there, but you’re the one guy doing it. Good luck to you mt friend. Happy sailing.

  3. Deanna Pyszka says:

    Best of luck to you. I envy your courage to just take a chance.

  4. Geoff Baron says:

    Good luck mate,I totally agree with your outlook on life!!!

  5. Tammy Selby says:

    I wish you nothing but the best,, You have the kindest sweetest soul if we all had a little of you in us this world would be a great place,,,,, Praying you sail those seas to where ever you want to go,,,

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