Here’s the link to buying the Souls book online

December 22, 2021
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Here’s the link to buying the Souls book online

Here’s the link to buying the Souls book online

If the Souls book isn’t available in stores where you live, here’s the link to buying it online.


There are 177 stories in the book, and every story is an honest conversation that helps you understand a little bit more about yourself or living in the South. In the six years since starting this project, I have learned that the faces and places might change, but two things remain constant: everyone has a story to tell, and all of us need to know our life matters.
So much has happened in our country over the last six years, but listening to people’s stories has been a daily reminder of the good in people and every one of us is going through some kind of pain or struggle. Some of my favorite stories are of the ones who learn from those struggles and use them to understand or help someone else.

The stories will make you laugh and cry. They will make you think or learn a little more about the history of the South. I hope they will help you see people a little differently. Souls opened my eyes to the people around me. I learned I can’t fear someone if I hear their story and understand where they are coming from. I also learned that I can’t make assumptions about another person just by looking at them because I am wrong every time.

All proceeds from the sales of Our Southern Souls will be donated to the Our Southern Souls Pledge Project. We started the Pledge Project two years ago intending to get kids off waiting lists of programs with the United Way of Southwest Alabama partner agencies and into the programs with the help they need. We have raised $40,000 so far to get kids into mentoring services, early childhood education, mental health counseling and weekend meals. The Pledge Project has also helped some families with rent and utility assistance.

Thank you for caring about the Souls stories and the people in them. The Souls book is special because of them.


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