It is good for us to find artistic friends

October 21, 2016
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It is good for us to find artistic friends

It is good for us to find artistic friends

“We are picnicking and then going to open mic night at the Gumbo Shack. We were supposed to rock out to my ukulele, but I forgot it.”

“I play drums but it is hard to transport them.”
“We are 14, 15 and 16.”
“What is the hardest part about being your age?”
“It is hard to balance being a teenager and do teenager things and also having adult opinions and trying to be a mix of those two and go from one to the other.”
“Realizing I have to grow up.”
“Being accepted by parents and friends. You change yourself for those people, just to please them.”
“The romantic drama is disgusting.”
“It is good for us to find artistic friends. We don’t get together like this enough. This is the first time for this picnic and open mic plan.”
“I have been doing open mic for four months. I met them last week. All of us have been talking a bunch since then. Open mic was scary the first time. I usually do acappello and it is scary at the beginning, sometimes I forget a few lyrics, but no one cares. Music and art are my hobbies. I want to be an archaeologist or anthropologist.
I” want to become a director. I am taking a bunch of theater and acting classes and hoping to get into a good college. Movies are my hobby and I obsess over them. I have a hard time finding friends who want to talk about that. I know more about what I want to do in the future than I know about right now.”
“I want to be an animator or a comic artist. I am working on animating right now. If that doesn’t work out, I will become a writer.”
“All three of us are artists and like writing to some degree. We have different tastes, but they blend together.”

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