Joy is something everyone needs

June 22, 2018
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Joy is something everyone needs

Joy is something everyone needs

“The story came from a cool looking box I bought on eBay a year ago. For six months I didn’t know what I wanted to do with it until the idea came of a stranger who pulls things out of the box to make people happy. I was at a film festival several months ago and all of the films were dramatic about tragedy and war. There is so much sadness in the world and it seems like we need something happy right now. Everything that comes out of the box makes someone happy or gives them joy.

I work in video production and do this all of the time but this is the first time I have taken one of my stories and brought it to life on film. There is no dialog in the move and it was easy to write the script. I am an also surrounded by supportive, extremely talented crew who have made this happen. My girls are also in the movie and I love getting to work with them. I get to share my dream with my family.

I have always been a storyteller. I was a writer and journalist for years and was a travel writer and edited a magazine about the Gulf Coast. This is bringing all of that home. I have been so involved in every part of this, the script, casting, location and props. I have loved every bit of the process and want to do more. The last part to come together was the title. I wrote down every word and phrase you could imagine.

The box was for a Morley guitar pedal. We modified it to use it for film. I want to show joy touches everyone across every demographic. Joy is something everyone needs. It isn’t as much about what is in the box as about the people being helped by the box. What brings joy to a five-year-old girl? What comes out of the box meets a need. There is a gentleman sitting at a cemetery grieving at his wife’s grave and the stranger pulls photographs out of box that are pictures of her from long ago and gives him good memories. We left out alcohol because the happiness it brings is only temporary. I wanted to keep this pure, upbeat and accessible to everyone. The music is original, gypsy-themed music with mandolin, violin and accordion.

We will be done by September and will start submitting it to film festivals. All of my life I have wanted to make a film and this is the first time I have made something of this size. I remember being in my 20’s thinking I don’t want to wake up and be 40 and never have made a movie. I woke up and I was 46 and thought, I didn’t do that. This movie is a gift of happiness to myself, too.

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  1. Sher Graham says:

    This was a very moving story. 2 years ago I began passing out business card size notes that said thank you for being an awesome you all over the city and wherever I go. It is so wonderful when people smile when you give them a note of thanks. When I am at a drive-through or at the gas station or just walking and make sure I always have some to give to someone. Giving something to a stranger on the street is so cool because it changes their coal nonverbal Behavior in just a moment. Thank you for this story. I can’t wait to see the movie.

    1. Mary says:

      I compliment people I see- love that color, what a beautiful shirt, etc.
      I’m being honest and simply saying aloud something I see. It’s so nice to see people smile over a little comment. I’ve sometimes been given a compliment or comment that “makes my day”. It’s a good feeling to share.

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