Just because our music is fun doesn’t mean it is empty

February 17, 2016
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Just because our music is fun doesn’t mean it is empty

Just because our music is fun doesn’t mean it is empty

“My life is my wife and music. My father was a musician and supported his family playing music with soul and R&B bands. I was raised on 60’s music and was always around it. I am lucky that I saw the dark sides of being a musician and the addictions and I have been able to avoid most of it.”

“The first incarnation of the band was in ’92. I went to the University of North Texas for the Jazz program. I missed soul and funk and realized school wasn’t for me. I started a band and it began to take over. In the beginning it was about writing a song that was fun to play, now I can bring something to the band that doesn’t fit us perfectly and we mold it until it fits. Sometimes it works out great and sometimes it is terrible. Those musicians make me look good. I could be terrible and it would still be a good show. It is powerful to have the horns. We used to have four horns, but there is something cool about having two. It is more personal and you hear the subtleties and vulnerabilities. There is a physicality about it that is very direct. I come in with a basic idea and they take it to a cool place.”

“When shit hits the fan, I escape into music. That is why I love Foy Vance. He is an incredible singer who delivers an hour and a half of truth, whether we want to hear it or not. The first time I heard him sing, it was the light of God. It was one of the most powerful music experiences I have had. It’s not worth playing music if it doesn’t make some sort of connection. It doesn’t even have to be a positive connection.”

“Just because our music is fun doesn’t mean it is empty. Second Line and New Orleans are a part of what we do and I am glad when people dig deeper into our music. There is always a struggle, even in the most joyous of times.”

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