Let’s deal with today and how we can work things out

October 6, 2019
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Let’s deal with today and how we can work things out

Let’s deal with today and how we can work things out

“My mother moved us from Jamaica to London when I was 12. It was hard to adjust, but I got used to it. You either fail or make it. School was a challenge. I had to learn to speak English quickly. There was a lot of prejudice. My teacher picked on me and the kids got angry and started speaking out. When I lived in Jamaica, I didn’t think about being black or white. There were white people in my family, so it wasn’t a thing for us. I was opened-minded because of my grandmother who brought me up on the positive side. I think of people’s views and how I would react if I was them, so I can understand. I went to Georgia years ago to surprise my cousin. He lived in the bloody woods and I got lost trying to find him. I pulled over looking at a map. A cop stopped behind me and walked up to my car with his flashlight and gun. I thought, ‘here we go.’ He asked me why I stopped here. I turned on my best Cockney accent and said ‘Yes, mate, I am looking for my cousin.’ He immediately dropped his guard and took me to where I was going and told me to enjoy my stay. I have learned if you are nice and people, they will usually drop their guard and be nice back.

I look at Brexit as a positive. Oliver Cromwell started democracy and if he saw it today, he would not be happy. This is not what he intended. People are ignoring it for self gain. Brexit is part of a big plan. It is moving slow because the rich have their assets tied up in Europe and it is going to take them years to get it out. Brexit doesn’t worry me. People voted to leave and we have to respect the vote and people’s views. England became great and conquered the world on its own. We can have borders and keep running. The car and oil companies run the country. There is a bigger plan and they have it orchestrated. The way Europe treated Teresa May was disrespectful and they acted like children. I don’t want my leaders to be around them. Pull out even if we pull out with nothing and have to start over again.
Boris Johnson wants to be Prime Minister, but elected next time and not delegated. He will do whatever he has to. Johnson is a liar, but a funny liar and charming with it. You know Trump is a liar, but he does it to your face and not behind your back. People voted for both of them knowing that they are liars. Many of the other politicians seem serious and honest, but they deceive you. They break promises and the trust is gone. I like Trump because he stands his ground and doesn’t back down, even if some of the things he does are wrong. God put Trump into the position he is now. There needed to be someone strong and maybe a bad man to sort out other bad men. Like it or not, it had to happen and shake things up. He is not there forever, move on with the next person. The earth also needs a time to cleanse itself. You have to live for your family and do the right thing. We have to sort out our own messes at home, too.
The world has shifted where most people want to come to the western world.  We are letting too many people in the wrong way. They are creating a big problem. We have to control our borders. That is why Brexit occurred. You have to clean up your house first before you bring more in. Migrants work for cheap and drive wages down, making it harder on the families who are here. People become more prejudice and those coming in bring in their own prejudice. Black people have their prejudice, too. I stand my ground and don’t stand for nonsense. I look at how people behave. London was built on migrants, but it has to be the right way. Let’s deal with today and how we can work things out.”

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  1. Richard Trice says:

    This nation was also built by immigrants both European and Central and South American. Going way back we are told the population came from over on land bridge across the arctic.
    IMO we are all immigrants.

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