Life and business were good a year ago, but things change so fast

December 6, 2019
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Life and business were good a year ago, but things change so fast

Life and business were good a year ago, but things change so fast

“Sintia was bleeding and had pain in January. We took her to the emergency room at South Baldwin Medical Center in Foley. They didn’t find anything. A month later, we went to Thomas Hospital. They weren’t sure if it was cancer. They sent her to Providence Hospital in Mobile and in April they said she had cervical cancer. She turned 35 in October. Life and business were good a year ago, but things change so fast. She told her friends and ladies of the church to get their yearly exams and pap smears so this wouldn’t happen to them.

We were married for 10 years but were together 15. We both came from Honduras and met in the immigration office. I loved her as soon as I saw her and loved everything about her. She had a beautiful smile. We have five kids together, ages 1, 6, 9. 10, and 13 and my son is 16. She helped raise him. She was a happy person and took good care of our kids. Her father was a pastor in Honduras. We were doing well, so she sent clothes and toys to people in need at his church. Even when she was sick, she was sending things to help. We have a guitar, shoes and clothes she didn’t get to send before she died. She was also too sick to have a first birthday party and pictures for our daughter. I will take care of both of those.
It is hard for my kids. Some are too young to understand. One can’t say the words about her mother dying so she writes them down. Sintia already bought my 10-year-old’s the quinceanera dress. It will pass it down to her younger sisters. Our 13-year-old daughter says she is too little and her mama was too young to die. Sintia’s mother died when she was eight years old and we prayed Sintia had more time with her kids. In the end, she came to peace and said if it was her time she was ready to go.
We had a business cleaning condos. Most of our business was during the summer and we saved enough to make it through the slower months. Because Sintia was sick and I was caring for her, we didn’t work this year.  I am trying to get back on my feed and need cleaning jobs to start back up. I am late on bills and worried about the trailer payment.
Her funeral is Friday night and she will be buried on Saturday.  After this, I wish I could take my kids somewhere and give us a break  Sintia and I talked a lot about God and prayed for miracles. She told me to promise I would take care of the kids. I hoped for a miracle until the end.”
 There is a GoFundMe to help the family cover living expenses. Here is the link:

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