My dream is to have my beauty products in Target and Walmart

February 19, 2020
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My dream is to have my beauty products in Target and Walmart

My dream is to have my beauty products in Target and Walmart

“I am nine years old and started making my own beauty products but I was eight when I got the idea. My mom has a cleaning business and I wanted to start my own business and be independent. She made me get a business plan and do the work. I started small and she bought me a few products. Bubbalicious was one of the names I thought of but I chose the name Embrace by Kailen for embrace yourself and be independent. My dream is to have my products at Target and Walmart.” (Kailen)

“At first I didn’t want to let her do it, she would just be making a big mess in my kitchen and spending money. Then I saw she was serious. It has taught her to save her money. The first products she made she wanted to sell right away and I had to slow her down. I made her go through tons of testing. Does it work now, will we be itching later? She got her recipes together. I have psoriasis and she made lotion to make that feel better. She always asks why and wants to know how something works. She watches life and science hacks on YouTube.” (Kailen’s mom, Kurin)

“Most of my recipes are natural. I buy the ingredients from places online. I make body scrubs, lip glosses, and body butter. I don’t tell anyone my ingredients, not even my mama and nana. I am curious. I spend a lot of time outside playing with trees, flowers, and insects. I like knowing things like aloe vera that comes from plants. I like drawing and reading and going to the library. I use the money to invest back in my business. I give ten percent to the Lord on Sunday.” (Kailen)

“She prays a lot and reads a daily devotion on her own. She is teaching me about God and faith. I started going downtown on Saturdays and Sundays feeding a hot meal to the homeless. We served them barbecue and fried chicken during Mardi Gras. I love feeding and talking with the people that most overlook. I have worked at a shipyard and steam plant. I went through and apprenticeship program for electricians and became an electrician at Austal. The union jobs pay well but they kept me gone so much that I missed out on academic and mom days at school or my son’s basketball games. I started Magic Cleaning Services and it picked up and gave me more time to be a mama. I have a long resume and some good-paying jobs but I realized I don’t want to be on other people’s time. I tell Kailen if you don’t want to listen to anyone, be your own boss. My mom taught me it is never too late to go after a dream. She was always a postal worker but wanted to go into real estate so she took the course and passed it. She is doing well. Our family story is growing into entrepreneurs and business owners who help others and give back.” (Kurin)

(Here is the link to Embrace by Kailen:

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