My first communion is tomorrow

May 4, 2019
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My first communion is tomorrow

My first communion is tomorrow

“My first communion is tomorrow at St. Margaret’s. It is supposed to be royal and pretty. I am 11. I don’t wear a lot of dresses, so wearing this dress feels weird. I would rather be in shorts. We studied for communion for two years and there was a hard test. There will be a celebration at our church to celebrate being holy to God. I am excited it is almost here. My mom helped me through this and find my dress. I love my mom, she is so much fun.”


2 comments on “My first communion is tomorrow”

  1. Maggie Mosteller says:

    You look beautiful in your First Communion dress sweet girl. I know your Mama is proud of you and glad you didn’t wear shorts even though I am sure you would look beautiful whatever you wore. Always remember God loves you just the way you are and whatever you are wearing. Along with your Mama, I am happy you chose to wear the lovely dress she found for you. Congratulations on your very special day.

  2. Latrece says:

    Bless you beautiful one. It is an honor to celebrate being Holy to God.

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