My mama surprised me

June 7, 2018
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My mama surprised me

My mama surprised me

“I am retired military. I was in for 20 years and worked supplies and stationed in Atlanta. I am also a disabled veteran. I am thankful for the benefits that make it a little easier for him to go to college.”

“I am going to Auburn and a pre-vet major. I have liked animals since I was a kid. I love college. It is like high school but more on my own and responsible. I was ready for it.”

“He is a good kid and responsible but he eats so much. I have always loved plants and after I retired I finally started doing what I enjoyed and have a garden with flowers. My yard is like Bellingrath gardens. I have Coleus at my house and saw seeds for them at the store and raised them from seeds. I moved to petunias and zinnias This is my second day to be selling the plants I grew. The first time I was on a street corner. Who knows, one day I may have my own nursery.”

“My mama has surprised me. I cut the grass but never helped with her plants.”

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