My name is Crabman because I catch crabs every day

September 21, 2016
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My name is Crabman because I catch crabs every day

My name is Crabman because I catch crabs every day

“I have to have a bike to get around. I had a triple heart operation and bone spurs up and down my chest. I was once in a coma and they couldn’t get a pulse so they put a tag on my toe and put me in cold storage. They almost cut me for the autopsy. The cold snapped me out of the coma. My kids were in the room when I sat up and they ran out. My daughters took me to Las Vegas and I went to the doctor there for a year and a half. Blood test, blood test. Ultra Sound, ultra sound. MRI. Catscan. I went there to get a stint in my leg but they gave me four pints of blood. My foot was deteriorating. I went back to Mobile. I have a cane and a four-way walker. I have a bike. I had a stroke and can’t close my hand. I had a seizure and knocked out some of my teeth and can’t get those fixed because I had a seizure on the oral surgery table. It’s a hell of a a world, but my God is good. I have a cross in the palm of my hand. You can touch it. My name is Crabman because I catch crabs every day, Sheriff Dinkins used to buy crabs from me every Sunday after he directed traffic coming out of church and he started calling me Crabman. I ride the bike eight miles one day to get to the coast guard and I get wet every day. I wear a poncho. I usually catch crabs every day, but the alligators ate my net. This afternoon a lady is taking me to Academy to get a new net. We are high off the water on the pier. The alligators go under water and sneak up under them and you see them swim across the canal with the net above their head. They are grabbing the fish or chicken in the net. I catch about 20 to 30 crabs a day. I sell them $10 a dozen. It is $5.99 a pound at the fish market and you get 2. The crabs are extra money. I get social security and pension from building jet airplanes for 28 years. I was a government inspector. It has been a hell of a life, girl. I love it though. I have 5 kids, 12 grandkids and 5 great grandkids. I am staying here for them.”


5 comments on “My name is Crabman because I catch crabs every day”

  1. Rachael says:

    Amazing story Dad. Keep living your life in pure happiness. #crabmansdaughter3. We love ya “you heard me”?

    1. Lynn Oldshue says:

      He loves his kids. He glowed when he talked about you.

  2. Jay Gehrke says:

    “Crabman was a friend of mine, never drank whisky, I drank the wine” “Ridin his bicyle to the swamp, cause crab is what we want”

  3. Dwight Frey says:

    Crabman is my brother. We all in Callifornia love him with all our hearts. We wish he would come back to Cali but he loves catching those crabs. He doesn’t seem to realize that we miss him and he has so many kids and grand kids and now great grand kids who would love to have him in their lives so he could share his wisdom and love. With all of his health problems he doesn’t have the luxury of waiting till the right time. Also, every word of that story is TRUE.
    “You heard me”.

    1. Lynn Oldshue says:

      I saw Crabman last week and he talked about wanting to go back to his family because it is harder to catch crabs here now.

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