My wife wanted to cut the tree down

September 23, 2020
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My wife wanted to cut the tree down

My wife wanted to cut the tree down

Sally Stories
“I was in the house in the next room over when the tree fell. I heard something and walked to the door. That is when the ceiling collapsed. My wife wanted to cut the tree down. I loved that tree, but I should have cut the damn thing down. We weren’t expecting this. They kept saying it would turn, but it never turned.

My wife has been here 30 years. The kids grew up in this house. The kicker is we pay the house off this year. I think this house is totaled. She wanted to remodel, so I guess we are remodeling or getting a whole new house. I have been here since Fredrick and this is the first time I have had damage.

I have an automotive shop in the back. Everyone’s car is fine. That was the first thing I thought of when we got hit. I had ten cars come in the day before the hurricane. My customers have been checking on us and Advanced Auto parts brought me fuel and two generators.

Our friends from Tuscaloosa brought us a camper the day after Sally hit. That will be our home until this is done. We met this couple in Mexico eight years ago, and we have been friends ever since. They lived in Michigan and we told them they need to move South. They moved to Tuscaloosa because that was the closest place he could find a job. We became great friends, and they have been helping us clean.


“I have laughed, cried, joked, and thrown up. If I know a hurricane is coming, I put the pictures in the bathtub. I didn’t do that this time. I have lived here 40 years, and this is the price to pay for living on the Gulf Coast. I will never take another hurricane for granted.”


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