Now I am free to be me

August 15, 2018
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Now I am free to be me

Now I am free to be me

“I am a nomad and free spirit. I don’t want to settle in one place and have limits to life. I want kids, but I know they will slow me down. I guess they will have to go with me.  I am my mama’s oldest and my dad’s baby. They divorced after I was born and I was caught in the middle. My dad was in the Army and I stayed with my mom. I couldn’t handle my dad’s level of discipline and my mom was too lenient. I graduated from high school and got out.

I am a homosexual. I knew for sure when I was 16 but told my mom when I was 21. My mom said she knew but wanted me to be comfortable enough to  tell her.  Before my dad died, I told him there are some things I needed to tell him, but he already knew because my brother told him. My brother said my father has always known and accepted me for who I am, but I was so rebellious. I wish I had been the one to tell him. Now I am free to be me.”

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  1. Joe Pendarvis says:

    Keep your head up high. Surround yourself with good people that love you. Life will be free and good.

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