Our friends call us Lucy and Ethel

July 7, 2018
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Our friends call us Lucy and Ethel

Our friends call us Lucy and Ethel

“Which ones do you want? This is Julia.”

“We both have chickens at home.”

“We didn’t know where we were going to meet. We both just started driving. We found that Evergreen, Alabama is the halfway point between New Orleans and Marietta, Georgia. I bought the chickens from a lady who is getting rid of her flock in Atlanta. They were cheap and already laying. I kept some and the rest are going to her and her family. I had to chase these chickens down in the rain in a raincoat. I was slipping and sliding going after them.”

“We are best friends. People call us Lucy and Ethel. We are both nurses and work from home. I helped her get a job with my company and we have been buds ever since. We talk every day. We are a member of a Mardi Gras crew in New Orleans together.”

“We have been on cruises and ziplined together. Our husbands talk almost as much as we do and my husband doesn’t get along with anybody.”

“After we handoff the chickens, we are both turning around and going back home. It is another Lucy and Ethel moment for us.”

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