People call me Rake Man

June 4, 2022
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People call me Rake Man

People call me Rake Man

“People call me Rake Man. I grew up in Yazoo City. Ever since I was about 13, I liked to help in yards and keep nature looking right. I try to rake where I can and help with people’s yards. I like to meet people and see how life is treating them.

My mom loved to garden. I lost her in 2016, and I lost my world. But God opens your eyes every morning and gives you the power to make it every day. Every day is a new adventure. You have to have faith and patience. If it wasn’t meant to be, you wouldn’t be standing right here in the world today. It makes me feel good when people see me and talk to me. We have to see one another.

I go to church every Sunday to be obedient to God. He is the giver of life. Everything. I can’t go against that. I pray all of the time in my mind, body and soul. How can you get a blessing if you don’t pray?

When Christ said on the cross, ‘Forgive them. They know not what they do.’ Man, that’s deep love.”

Rake Man

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  1. Dawnie B says:

    May our Father bless you richly in all His ways! Thank you for being a beautiful light for so many people!

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