People come up and talk because of my smile

April 14, 2019
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People come up and talk because of my smile

People come up and talk because of my smile

“My family is called Smiley because we all have a smile like this. People come up and talk because of my smile. I love that.

I just moved to Mobile three or four months ago from Orange County, California. My younger brother was in the service and liked it here. He got his wife to move and I came, too. I knew nothing about Mobile or the South.  I am single and it is more affordable here to make ends meet. This is a beautiful place to live and the people are wonderful. I am a California girl and grew up on a farm outside of Fresno. My mom’s side of the family milked cows. My dad was a farmer and carpenter and became a diesel driver. My father couldn’t read and no one knew it. He never stopped and provided for our big family. I will miss running into family here. 

In my heart, I am an artist. I was once a painter and a cake decorator. I did ceramics. I don’t do any of that now. When you are renting, there is not a place for that. I miss art and don’t know how to get it back. It gets quite expensive. I also have a heart for animals and was part of a rescue group that rescued cats and birds, but I don’t have space to do that here.

I have no kids and never been married. I always ran away from having kids, maybe it was because I was from a large family. I did quite enjoy my freedom and got to do a lot of things because I was single. It has been a wonderful life and I go day by day. My new life is starting here in Mobile.”

2 comments on “People come up and talk because of my smile”

  1. Julie Hoagland says:

    Welcome to Mobile! I hope I run into you and your smile sometime!

  2. Dawn says:

    We are so glad you are here! There are plenty of opportunities to help with rescues & you may just find your niche in our art community, also. Mobile is a very welcoming community!

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