People working together can be bigger than politics

October 24, 2018
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People working together can be bigger than politics

People working together can be bigger than politics

“I am the local president of the League of Women Voters and were going to have parties to the polls. Half of my members don’t have homes. We are still educating about this election because it is needed even more with the confusion from the hurricane.

I have lived here for 30 years. It was a fishing village but has grown in the last 30 years. Hundreds of years old trees touched over our small neighborhood on the bay. It was one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the country. Now those trees are on our houses.  The landmarks are gone.
Having outside help has been uplifting and a reminder of the good sides of human nature. We must have the community’s voice in the rebuild. We need to talk about global warming because it is happening and our military bases are in danger. This is the time to have the conversation.
My husband is a big Democrat and we live in a neighborhood of staunch Republicans, but it hasn’t mattered since the hurricane. He is a civil rights lawyer and many of the people he works with are at the short ends of a lot of sticks. They have been showing up to help him and are working on our roof with neighbors wearing Confederate flag hats. It is a motley Peter Pan group of people who are oppressed and blessed and I think this is life changing for many of us. People can be bigger than politics.”
(Callaway, Florida)

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