Progress for Cowboy Sammie’s food truck

January 17, 2020
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Progress for Cowboy Sammie’s food truck

Progress for Cowboy Sammie’s food truck

Cowboy Sammie’s team is growing. Robert helped him from the beginning because God told him to. He took Sammy shopping today (Robert’s story will be on Souls tomorrow). J.B. read Sammy’s story and had to help. He is donating the sheet metal, cutting, and installing it. The big things left are installing the windows he bought today and a little electrical work. Thank you to everyone who has donated to Sammy’s GoFundMe to help him get across the finish line. There is another team working on getting Cowboy Sammie’s food truck into Mardi Gras.

Sammy has ministered all over Mobile and in stores men walk up to shake his hand and thank him. Sammy tells them, “It is good to hear you.”

Link to the GoFundMe:

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