Sometimes I stop and think you are really doing this

October 21, 2019
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Sometimes I stop and think you are really doing this

Sometimes I stop and think you are really doing this

“I am from Bay Minette. Cooking started years ago when I helped my stepmom in the kitchen. My first job was cooking at Sonic when I was 15. I worked in the deli at Walmart in Daphne for many years.  I published a cookbook in March. I started writing the book in 2007, but I got busy with work and school. I went back to it a couple of years ago and finished it. My friends always called and asked for recipes so I put them in a book. I published it in March for my birthday. It was a gift to myself. 

Last year was my first time to do the Gumbo Championship and I got to work out my recipe out for the cookbook. It feels good to be out here watching people eat my food. I want all feedback, good or bad, because I want to know the truth. I am my biggest critic.  I want to start a catering business and I am trying to find a kitchen. My mom passed away when I was four years old. If she was here now she would be so proud. I get help from my dad, aunt, and my other moms who stepped in to support and push me. The support has been there since day one. Sometimes I stop and think ‘you are really doing this.’  One day I want to do cooking classes, including ones for healthier meals. The name ‘Keeping it Kaliente’ is from the spice. My dad and I both love it.”

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    Keep up the good work my daughter, your gumbo was the best of all at the cook off….There’s something really wrong with the judges taste bud….. Keep it Kaliente forever!!!! Mama Pat

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