Susan has been found!

August 10, 2020
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Susan has been found!

Susan has been found!

Susan has been found!!! A good friend who is a fixer and problem solver, saw the post and contacted the Susan she knew. It was her. Susan had been gone for a few days and didn’t see the sign. She called Mike first thing this morning and then contacted me. She said I could post an update that she has been found and they will be going on a date.

Mike also called me this morning so excited, thankful, and in disbelief that this worked. He is also surprised by the attention it stirred up. He received a couple of calls from women who told him if he didn’t find Susan to give them a call.

Thank you for sharing and caring. I think we all needed a happy story today.

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  1. I couldm’t get all of Mike’s story–said error 404. I would like to read it. Is it possible to put it on again?

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