The British and Americans should speak up for us

October 9, 2019
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The British and Americans should speak up for us

The British and Americans should speak up for us

“We are Kurdish people demanding international help. We have defended ourselves and the whole world against Isis. 11,000 Kurds died to defeat Isis. After we finished our mission, Erdogan, the president of Turkey, wants to invade our territory in the northeast corner of Syria and destroy what we have built. President Trump had a phone call with Erdogan on Sunday and said he would withdraw American troops. This gave Erdogan the green light to invade. Politicians in America immediately condemned this because the Kurds have given so much help to the United States. Trump backtracked and apologized and said we were an ally. It may be too late. We need leaders who are responsible. I was there three months ago. They were living happily in democracy with all minorities after they got rid of Isis. They secured the area to live in peace. Erdogan doesn’t like that. He is trying to push the Kurds out. The Turkish-Syrian border is 900 kilometers. Erdogan wants to make a gap between the two countries. It is our historic land, we don’t want to move.  3.5 million Arabs fled to Turkey during the Syrian war. Turkey want to place these refugees in this zone and force us out of our land. What if one day Mexico wanted to place people from another place in Alabama?

I went home to the northeast corner of Syria three months ago for the first time in 32 years. I left when I was 19 and came to London to escape from the Syrian regime. I could not return before now. Things have changed and we began to speak out, but now this happened. The British and Americans should speak out for us. We have proved to them that we are a good ally and they should not turn their backs on us. Pray for our friends about to be invaded by Turkey.”

(Our Southern Souls in London)

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  1. Louise Gale says:

    This is horrible! We have let our allies down- I
    don’t want our soldiers dying anymore than anyone
    else! But this is wrong‼️

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