The communication and conversation will continue, but it will now be all about action

August 24, 2016
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The communication and conversation will continue, but it will now be all about action

The communication and conversation will continue, but it will now be all about action

“I had the same talk to give last night whether I won or lost the election–we have already won because of what we accomplished with the campaign. I got through the first paragraph and the news said I won. I had to stop and hug the people around me, they were such a big part in this. When I started talking about running, people were afraid to come out and support me. It put me in a funk and I didn’t know why people were acting that way. This town has been run for so long with fear and favor. We need a government that matches our community. The momentum started changing, people started taking yard signs and making videos and the campaign took on a life of its own. The support gave me the energy and confidence I needed and took away the fear of public speaking. When you are doing something for reasons bigger than you, anyone can do it. We are consumed with the presidential election now, but it doesn’t affect people as much as local politics. This is where you can get involved and make a difference.”

“How do you learn how to be mayor?”

“I am going to do a lot of listening. We already have great people in place so it is removing the roadblocks and letting people do their jobs efficiently. We all have to want the same things and have a loyalty to the citizens of Fairhope. Every day I pray to God to meet the right people and to be open to what they say. When I think about the possibilities and things we can do, it gets me so excited that I can’t sleep. It is the same with my business, when I meet a new author who wrote a great book, I think about what I am going to do for that author and how to get that book in the right hands. I am glad the campaign is over. The communication and conversation will continue, but it will now be all about action.”

6 comments on “The communication and conversation will continue, but it will now be all about action”

  1. Lucia Andrews Smith says:

    So happy for you. We are proud of you and all of you passion and hard work.
    We will be there for you during this new job of Mayor and helping this wonderful city move forward.

  2. Hoping I can help in some way! I’d love to give input on tourism when the opportunity arises.
    Kathleen Schley Bosell

  3. Melanie Beiser says:

    I think it’s highly unfair to mayor Kant, the city employees, and the citizens of Fairhope to say that Fairhope has been run on fear and favor. Look around and see what a beautiful town this is. Please stop bashing Mayor Kant and start your own legacy.
    Good luck, you are going to need it!

    1. Cathy Donelson says:

      No fear and favor! I am a retired staffer of the Alabama Historical Commission who went to talk to the mayor once about enacting a historic district ordinance for our unique town and he called in the head police investigator, gun on hip, to sit in a chair by the door during our meeting.
      Thank God that regime is history.

  4. Georgie ( Gigi ) Hackford says:

    Yes … The power of words ! Your consistency with communication drives the connections … Thank you !

  5. Chris Toney says:

    Congratulations on your victory. I sincerely wish you the best this term, and I hope you’re able to accomplish all that you promised. I look forward to getting to know you as Mayor in the coming 4 years.
    I do however object to your campaign painting the last 40 years as a time of corruption and “good old boy” politics. Mayor Nix came into office when the city was just a plain old tired town. Through his leadership and vision it was transformed into the wonderful place it is today.
    While many would argue that Mayor Kant isn’t a Jim Nix – and to be fair he isn’t – he was also an integral part of shaping the unique town we have.
    You now have a chance as Mayor to either prove your accusations of corruption against Mayor Kant or publicly apologize. I assume you will have access to all city records, and your thorough review of them will enlighten and inform you about how the city has been run.
    I’m keeping an open mind. If you do find evidence of corruption, I will be disappointed, but will accept the results. If not, I expect you’ll do the honorable thing and repair the damage you’ve done to a man’s reputation.

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