The hardest adjustment was the southern accents

October 14, 2019
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The hardest adjustment was the southern accents

The hardest adjustment was the southern accents

“I am from New York and play basketball at Mississippi State. My freshman year I attended the University of Connecticut, but wanted to transfer. Coach Schaefer and the staff at State reached out to me. I took a visit and immediately committed. State is such a family environment, genuine and pure with southern hospitality. It is the opposite of New York where you keep your head down and don’t talk to anyone. The hardest adjustment was the southern accents and understanding some of my teammates. Sometimes I had to just smile and nod. We made it to the Elite Eight this year but it was bittersweet. I was proud that we made it that far, but it was disappointing that we didn’t go farther. We have a great team again this year. I am so thankful for the opportunities Mississippi State and basketball have given me. I have had the chance to play for two of the best teams and coaches in the country and the last three summers I have played in Italy. State also gave me my best friend Chloe. She is also my teammate and we are like two souls sharing the same body. She is the Australian version of me and feels like my long lost twin even if we look nothing alike.

My dad played basketball. My mom played for a year and acts like she knows everything about it. I am a shooting guard and started playing basketball because of my brother. Whatever he did, I had to do. He played baseball and I played softball. My grandma helped raise me. She was diagnosed with ALS when I was four. The life expectancy for someone with ALS is 2-5 years and she is still alive 16 years later and helped my mom raise me. She is so strong and keeps battling. It was hard to see when she was forced to go on a ventilator and needs constant care, but she is a fighter and shows me how strong I can be. After basketball and college, I want to go back home to my family and be a pediatric occupational therapist. I will keep coming back to visit the South.”

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  1. Dawn Bratcher says:

    May God continue to bless you and your family through your lives!

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