The heartbeat is for my dad

January 9, 2016
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The heartbeat is for my dad

The heartbeat is for my dad

“Why is there a heartbeat shaved into your head?”

“It is a gimmick. I am training to be a professional wrestler. The heartbeat is for my dad. He was a doctor, but he died two years ago. The spider web on the other side was a cool design my brother wanted to try out. I have been watching wrestling since I was 12. It seemed like something fun to do, and I am also training to be a personal trainer. People can go to a wrestling event and act crazy and have fun. Children, teenagers, and adults scream together. It’s like being a kid again. It is a good experience.”

“Is the pain real?”

“Yes. People don’t realize how much of wrestling is improv and not planned out. The matches and winner are planned, but the rest is improv performing. It follows a storyline, but you have to be good or you aren’t going to get to the main event. The hardest part is getting started. I am doing the indy circuit through Gulf Coast Championship Wrestling with about 2-500 people at local shows. I am 17 and have been doing this for about four months. You train hard, run the ropes, take bumps, and build cardio. It is very physical training. Before a match is butterflies, excitement and worry because there is a risk of injury. I do it because it is an exciting way of life. It would be boring to do what everyone else does. Everyone else in my family has gone to college, but I had to take my own path. They would be happier if I went to college, but they are letting me do this. I work hard, have to be in the gym every day, and there is no money on the indy circuit, but I enjoy it so much that I have to do it.”


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