The kids didn’t have gloves at baseball tryouts, then people started to help

February 3, 2018
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The kids didn’t have gloves at baseball tryouts, then people started to help

The kids didn’t have gloves at baseball tryouts, then people started to help

I took a job at Vigor High School this year as the head baseball coach. My dad coached baseball and my brother played football here. The baseball program was almost nonexistent when I came and the kids didn’t have gloves at tryouts. I previously coached at MGM and each kid probably had four or five gloves. On my way home from tryouts, I realized I had enough buddies with old gloves that they could donate to us. So I put it out there and within a week it had been shared 1200 times. People began asking how they could help and they donated more than gloves. The University of Mobile helped us and gave us balls. We only had one crate with 21 balls and now we have 500 balls. Spanish Fort High School and Faith Academy helped with bats, gloves and old practice cleats. The Field in Saraland gave us a pitching machine and screens. A group of lawyers in Mobile jumped on board and donated new cleats. Two bats were shipped to us from Massachusetts and gloves are coming from Boston. We got a grant from Alabama Power and I got an email of encouragement from the UK. I had no idea this would happen. I just wanted to give these kids an opportunity to do something and get them off the streets a couple of hours a day. Maybe help change a life and give them an avenue they could excel in. It has been incredible to see the support and now the guys know that people care about them. One company said, ‘We will give you some money, but how are you going to give back to the community?’ On Saturday, we are going to have the fIrst ever baseball camp for kids here. The players are learning this isn’t just being given to them. How are we going to help people less fortunate than even us? Our first game is Tuesday, the 20th. We aren’t going to be world beaters, I had to teach some kids how to hold a bat, but we will be competitive. We will play small ball with bunting and stealing bases because we are fast. I have learned that if you need help, ask. I was always a guy to just do it and not burden anyone else. People are willing to help. But they also want to see you pass it on.

13 comments on “The kids didn’t have gloves at baseball tryouts, then people started to help”

  1. Steve Wassman says:

    Go get em coach!!!!!

  2. Cindy latham says:

    You are a blessing to those kids! Troy and I are so proud of you. Vigor will always hold a very special place in our hearts. #wolfpack

  3. -Jenny Lindmark Roberts says:

    I’ve know (Dad) Coach Dearmon, (Son) Matt Dearmon, & his family for years! They are awesome & have done so many wonderful things for so many kids through the years. This is just another example of their selflessness! Way to go Matt! And, congratulations for the recognition & all the support you’ve received from the community.

  4. Dawn says:

    That is what we are all meant to do – Help one another! These young men & women at your school are seeing a true Role Model! I thank God for you & the others who have responded to your call!

  5. Leah Browning says:

    You are incredible!
    This is definitely your passion

  6. Emily Winn says:

    Thank you so much! Is there any way alums can help? c/o ’86! I was there when Coach Dearmon was coaching. Thank you for being a role model and most of all giving these kids hope!

    1. Matt Dearmon says:

      Emily, absolutely you can help. Please feel free to email me at [email protected]

  7. Melissa says:

    Awesome Coach Dearmon!!! You worked very hard with the baseball players at Vigor and I am so happy for you and the baseball players at Vigor!! Go get them Wolves!!

  8. Brenda Jones says:

    I have known Matt for many years and he has proved himself over and over as to how good a man he is. Shout out to you Matt Dearmon!

  9. Remonia Walker says:

    Awesome! Good luck to you and your team!

  10. Jennifer Kemp says:

    Coach Dear you coached my daughter Madison at MGM and we are forever greatful for you and for our time with you during track. It warms my heart to know you are helping so many other kids excel in not only a sport but essentially in life, God Bless you sir! From a softball mom and family if there is ever anything we can do to help please do not hesitate to ask.

    1. Matt Dearmon says:

      Thank you so much for the kind words. Please send Madison my love as well!

  11. Pam and Eric Patterson says:

    So proud of the man you’ve become. I know your mom and dad are so proud of you as is the Patterson family!

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