The universe sent me here to find her

April 8, 2019
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The universe sent me here to find her

The universe sent me here to find her

“Every Wednesday I take my little sister to dance and we come out here for a date. We have been together for six months and two days. We are seniors and have been going to school together since eighth grade. Our mutual friends invited him to my house. I didn’t know him well and wasn’t sure about it, but we hit it off. We are both going to UAB. I am going to major in psychology.”

“I am majoring in industrial distribution and business. I can’t wait to be there. And UAB is the best fit for both of us.”
“We have 25 days left of school. Senioritis is real. I don’t want to get out of the bed or type the essay. At least we have prom coming up.”
“I was born in Chicago and moved here three days before eighth grade. My friends call me the Yankee. It was hard to move from Chicago to Saraland. Never did I imagine I would be moving to Alabama. I have gotten to experience so much and learned how to meet people and adapt quickly. We also don’t have beaches in Chicago. The universe sent me here to find her.”
“I used to show horses across the country. I had a horrible accident my ninth-grade year and was injured. I couldn’t show anymore and had to sell my horse. That was hard on my mental health and I had to work my way back through depression. I am the middle sister and close to both of my sisters. They get me through anything.”
“I love her energy. I can’t be around her without laughing and smiling. Everything is funny for us.  Our first date was carving pumpkins at my house. We have a picture of it. We were far apart and so nervous. It was a long time before I threw those pumpkins away.”

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