This dream started nine years ago

May 23, 2020
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This dream started nine years ago

This dream started nine years ago

“The dream for Provision started when my wife and I lived in northern California in 2011. We were newlyweds and went to a nice hotel for a getaway and realized that good hospitality and service can be healing. We wanted to give people a similar experience. As a kid I wanted to be an architect, a missionary, an airplane pilot, and have a hotel. This is not far off from most of those. It is thrilling sitting here now and seeing that nine years later the dream has happened. We pushed back the opening three weeks because of the Coronavirus. Then we thought it would be June. Then the governor’s order came out two weeks ago that we could open. There was a mad dash to get food in and our kitchen staff ready. We didn’t know how the opening would go. Would people be ready to come out yet? This space is very large and easy to keep to yourself.

During the nine years, we acted on the dream. We moved to Tennessee and trained at Blackberry Farm Resort. For a year and a half, my wife and I rotated around almost every department. I loved waiting tables and working at the front desk. We started interviewing at resorts and Sandy Stimpson announced he was running for mayor. Politics is my second love and I went to work for his campaign. Then I worked for his administration and in government affairs at Southern Light, which is now Unity Fiber. During the detour, my wife loved staying at home with our two boys. I started thinking that was wasted time at Blackberry, but friends started telling us we should open a market.  Then a year and a half ago, I had a conversation with the landlord of this space and it started coming together.
The design stages were exciting and we were very involved, but the waiting was hard. We opened on Tuesday and the best compliment has been that it is beautiful, but feels comfortable and they want to sit and stay awhile. We want to provide human interaction again. It feels so good to sit here and watch people do what I dreamed they would do. Some dreams like this come true, but there are some dreams you have that never come to fruition. God still uses those to guide us. They are still part of the journey.  Provision has already integrated with our family. My boys love coming here to get a pirate waffle.
Elizabeth’s mom suggested the name. Provisions are things you purchase. But the deeper sense is always being provided for. We want this to be a place where people are known and seen. We want this to be a provision of love and community.”

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