This house is my roots

September 13, 2018
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This house is my roots

This house is my roots

“This is my great grandparent’s house. When my dad and mom were dating, he said he was moving to Miami for a job, my mom said what about her, and they were married three days later. They moved back and mom’s dad said they could live in this house because he needed someone to care for it. My mom hated this house and didn’t want to move here because it was filled with things she couldn’t touch, but we have been here ever since. She loves the house now. It was built in 1918 and her grandparents ran it as a boarding house starting before the Depression.”

“All of the big houses went that way. Some like this one are even bigger than they look on the outside. They added doors, closets and turned the dining room and living rooms into bathrooms and added rooms in the front and back. There is a ledger that shows there were 13 or 14 men who slept here by the week and they only slept here. Government Street was packed with restaurants and everything they needed and they could walk to it. We have ledgers from 1948. Men were working at the State Docks. Reimer, Blackwell, Nicks, Duvall. It is history. The refrigerator had an icebox on top where the ice man would bring a block of ice and put it in a door in the top of the refrigerator. As the ice melted, it trickled down the small tubes to the bottom and kept everything cold. There are shoots on the side for coal and wood for the furnace in the basement. We got central heating and air two years ago.”
“I have never lived in a house that didn’t have roots. The thought of picking up and moving some place else stresses me out. My mom has done so much with this house and takes so much proud of it and she knows her grandparents would be proud of it.  She now rents the rooms out to rotating medical students who come from out of town.  I am the only child and will get this house unless I do something horribly wrong and they give it to the dog. This house is my roots and who I am.”

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