This is our first date

September 16, 2019
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This is our first date

This is our first date

“This is our first date. We met on Tinder last week and started talking. She is pretty and I am 6’6″. Maybe that is the attraction.”

“I like his smile.”
“We are going with the flow on the first date. She is quiet at first but once you start talking she opens up. I am talkative and playful. I am a bouncer at Bone and Barrel and Little Whiskey. I have to teach people about the vibe of Fairhope.  I am trying to save money to go to Alabama. All of my friends are there. I moved here from New Orleans when I was 15. It was a culture shock and it was hard to adjust. One day I want to go back.”
“I work at a daycare during the week and Waffle House in Summerdale on the weekends. It is tiny and stressful and the workers are all over each other during rush times, but it is fun. I am always learning from the people there. I want to go into teaching or cosmetology. I love working with kids and working with nails.”
“We don’t know where the date goes from here. We are going to figure it out.”

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