This is our first time to the South

June 5, 2019
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This is our first time to the South

This is our first time to the South

“We are from New Mexico. We left on the 25th of May and are on a road trip driving to North Carolina with his job. Every time we cross into a new state, I make them take a picture with the sign. There will be a photo book of these pictures one day. There is nothing better than this time with the family. We have never been to the South. It is very humid and hard to be pregnant here and sweating profusely for no reason. But it is beautiful and everyone is so nice. There is no structure on this road trip. We are a very laid back family. Today is my birthday and I wanted to see the ocean, so we stopped in Fairhope. It is good to see water because we are landlocked in New Mexico.

The baby comes in August but we don’t know what we are having. The girls say it is a boy. We were standing in line at the Alamo and a Hispanic lady touched my belly and said I was having a boy and walked off. We went to the state capital in Baton Rouge and the woman working security said I was having a boy. We just want a healthy baby. It is a little scary being an older mom and starting over again. I don’t feel old. I feel great. I am a PTA mom and girl scout leader. I am lucky I get to stay home and raise the girls. Yoga is where I balance it all out but this baby is making my balance a little off.”

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  1. Dawn says:

    These are great days for your family and you are going to have wonderful memories of this summer! Your girls will be positively impacted by this trip, too. I can understand how being out of your normal is throwing you off-balance, but you will be just fine with your family around you!

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