This is our first tour

June 27, 2018
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This is our first tour

This is our first tour

“We are a band from western Virginia. We played in Nashville last night and are camping here before our show in Athens.”

“Camping is an integral part of rock’n’roll.”

“We are touring in a rusty 1989 Dodge van named Bernie that a friend let us borrow. It doesn’t have A/C or a radio and sometimes it doesn’t start.”

“We have to turn the battery off every time we get out so it will turn back on.”

“More rock’n’roll.”

“This is our first tour so maybe these will be the stories of remember when. We are doing five shows and left last week. It is a vacation/road trip. We booked it ourselves and there is a lot of time between the shows. The show last night at The Local in Nashville was awesome. Our friends came out. I made a record in Nashville and all of the guys who worked on the record we there, too. We have built the tour around places where we have family and friends so we have couches to sleep on and a few people in the audience. The tour is going to where the people we love are.

I was writing songs and doing the solo thing for about three years. These guys came on board in January and we went full rock band. I was a folk singer/songwriter before that. When I made the record with session musicians, we found a lot of grit and harder edge in the songs and I grew a lot. I also went through a horrible breakup that made me dye my hair black and wear a leather jacket. All of the angst and my Alanis Morissette side came out. The record is coming out in a few months. These guys learned all of the parts and stayed true to it.”

“I started playing music when I was seven and gigging when I was 12. My parents didn’t have a choice. When they said no, my friends picked me up anyway.”

“I grew up with a musical family and have been drumming my whole life. I just graduated high school.”

“I moved to Nashville a few years ago but quit because everyone is ridiculously good. Then she found me.”

“Look out there. We are by a waterfall and rock hopping on our tour together. This is the best.”

(The band is Deau Eyes)

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