This moment together is a little slice of heaven

August 17, 2019
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This moment together is a little slice of heaven

This moment together is a little slice of heaven

“We have five kids. They are getting older and going off to college and living own lives so it is special when our family is together. Our daughter is in Alaska working salmon season at a fishing lodge with a friend of ours. She found out about it a week ago and we told her to go on the adventure. You don’t always get a chance like that. My friends are sad and having trouble sending their kid children to college this week. When my kids left for college, I was so excited for them. I see it as their next adventure. I think about what is next and enjoy the season we are in. Our son and his wife just had a baby and live in Albuquerque. We want them to go out and live their lives, but when they come home, we are all in.”

“We were so ready to have a child. We want a big family and having her makes us want them even more. We can’t wait to have siblings for her.  I don’t have to give birth to them all.”
“This moment together right now, holding our granddaughter and talking and dreaming, is a little taste of heaven. We do mission work and started Maji Hope to build wells for clean drinking water in Africa. I went ten years ago for the first time. Africa had been on my heart and the Lord asked me what would you wish you had done with your life if you were dying? He gave me the peace to go. We have been dreaming about how we can work with Maji Hope full-time and be in Africa for months at a time. We just did our 18th project and our family loved doing this together.”
“We are homeschooling and want to live in Africa. We are trying to convince our dad to let us move. We were ten when we started going and now Africa feels like home.”

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