This week we have had real conversations and not having our phones has helped a lot

July 28, 2016
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This week we have had real conversations and not having our phones has helped a lot

This week we have had real conversations and not having our phones has helped a lot

The third night of Souls interviews with teenage girls. These talks have become something we all look forward to. They have been without their phones most of their week and have experienced life without social media and that is what they wanted to talk about.

“How does social media affect you?”

“After we talked last night, I liked it better than being on my phone or watching TV. Being on social media is a distraction from what is right in front of you.”

“We have better things to do than to sit on our phones. This week we have had real conversations and not having our phones has helped a lot. When you don’t have it, you don’t realize how much you use it. It never stops, We are going to take a break from it when we get home.”

“It is harder to talk to someone in person. It is easier to talk by text.”

“In person you are in the moment. Text is so much thinking about each answer. Talking face to face, you actually say what you feel and you understand each other.”

“You can’t tell the tone of their voice in a text and if they are being sarcastic. I always have to add a ‘haha.'”

“It does help me keep up with friends where I used to live or a friend on vacation. It is easier to get in touch with someone faster. But it hurts my feelings to see my friends doing something or having fun without me. Especially if I wasn’t invited.”

“I had a social media account, but I deleted it because I felt like it was sucking up my life. I was checking it all of the time.”

“I hate it when people invite you over and they stay on Instagram and SnapChat. They don’t talk to you.”

“We start comparing ourselves to others and how many likes we get on what we posted or if we had a good caption

“People are fake on social media. Everything they say and do is photoshopped and edited.”

“Drama happens too because people don’t think about what they say sometimes because they don’t see that person in real life. Sometimes they are too scared to say it in person, so they say it on social media and other people see it too.”

“When you look at all the time it takes with checking, messaging and texting, it is pointless and there is nothing significant about it. I have 500 friends, but they aren’t all my friends. I shouldn’t have to care.”

“It is a way some people feel they can get famous or get attention. We feel good when we have followers. More people liking something makes me feel good.”

“I got social media to help me make more friends, but it didn’t help at all.”

“I don’t have it anymore. Now I can take pictures and if I don’t look good in them, that is ok, they can still go on my bulletin board. They can say they like a picture when they are in my room, but they can’t double tap it. Those pictures are just to make me happy.”

“My junior year of high school I gave up all of my social media because I realized it was the reason I wasn’t doing my homework and it was affected my grades. It is such a burden to try and look perfect. Or dang, I thought this was a good picture and nobody liked it. I could read and get more involved without it. Realized I don’t care what other people are doing.”

“We should be finding our confidence in people we are actually with.”

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