We are best friends despite the age gap

April 7, 2018
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We are best friends despite the age gap

We are best friends despite the age gap

“I am hanging out in our bar with my best friend, and my bar manager and my neighbor. We are constantly together.”

“We are best friends despite the age gap. I will be 46 on April 9th.”

“I will be 23 in June and this is my absolute best friend. She taught me how to bartend when I was 19. I naively thought it would be easy, but there is more to bartending that popping a top and pouring a shot. We are janitors, psychiatrists, bouncers, marriage counselors. Any job title you can think of, your bartender is going to be one of them. This is not a job to me. I am so passionate about the art of bartending, I get paid to do something I love.”

“It is an art form but I have done this for 24 years and it does take its toll and drains. I started slinging beer and retired from the French Quarter early. I worked at the Abby, people are buried above it in urns. It’s not a joke there to say a priest, a hooker and a little person walk into a bar because there it is a true story.”

“She was one of the top 20 bartenders in New Orleans.”

“I am pedigreed.”

“I am proud that she is my mentor. I have a work ethic because I was raised by a preacher’s daughter and a farmer’s boy from two small dirt road towns in the middle of Louisiana.”

“I married a man from Mobile and we have an adorable house in Mid-town. Lot’s of antiques. Very New Orleans. I have sideshow posters in my backyard. Come see it and I will make you cocktails. I make an amazing homemade lavender lemonade and I grow all of that myself.”

“We had a lemon, cucumber basil cocktail for spring last year. She infused the vodka with lemons and lavender that from her yard. She made a homemade basil mint syrup from her garden.”

“I loved Mobile when I came here because I have a yard to grow things. I can also be an artist here. It is voodoo inspired art. My work can be special here. In New Orleans you are just another fish in the sea.”

“She is an anomaly here. She is the embodiment of the New Orleans spirit.”

“I wanted to bring New Orleans here. It is my heart but there is life and energy here in downtown Mobile and I am glad to be here. We need diverse bars downtown and our drinks are unique at Lit Cigar Lounge. I set the absinthe on fire and all of that. We make a unique Cathead Gimlet. We use as many local liquors as we can find. We are mom and pop and want to support other local businesses. We want to help make drinking and coming together special in Mobile.”

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