We are brothers

June 15, 2020
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We are brothers

We are brothers

“We are just out here having a good time and enjoying the sunset.”

“Almost all of us go to Fairhope High School.”

“We know each other from school and football.”

“We are brothers. Skin don’t make a difference. Cody shows up once a month.”

“I love this group of boys. We have been together since 2004. Some of us have been together longer.”

“We do family meals at night.”

“We are going to be seniors.”

“We have to be able to play our final year for Fairhope football. We have to have the last run.”

“I have to get a high score on my ACT.”

“I am not in school right now, but I am going back.”

“I don’t play football, but I fish and hunt for fun. I want to be a wildlife officer.”

“I want to play football somewhere.”

“I want to be an athletic director.”

“I want to be a pipe welder.”

“I want to be a clothing designer. Why do y’all not believe me?”

“We know this could break up when we graduate. That is why we’re enjoying our time together now.”

“Before you turn this off, brotherhood on three. One, two, three. Brotherhood.”

(This picture doesn’t show the personality and laughter of these guys, but this is the picture they wanted to take. I normally don’t do Souls with big groups, and didn’t know how a group of boys high school boys would take to it. But I watched them at the Fairhope beach laughing with each other and cutting up with other groups as they met them. Their friendship is special.)

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