We are changing our image

July 25, 2019
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We are changing our image

We are changing our image

“I started with a new image yesterday. I used to dress in yoga pants and over-sized shirts. I never wore shorts because I didn’t like my legs. I look at tall models and I am short. I don’t have the tiny little legs. I tried on a dress at a store a while back and bought it. Yesterday I forced myself to wear it. I never wore dresses. I am pale and thought I was too big to look feminine so I avoided it. I am wearing wedges for the second day, but they hurt.”

“That is why I am carrying these sandals for her. I dressed in skinny jeans and hoodies. She made me dress better. She wore a dress yesterday for the first time. She looked good.”
“I am scared that people are looking at me as an attention seeker. I am not. I am just trying to figure myself out.”
“We have dated almost two years. She is making me figure out myself, too. It is time, we are going to be seniors in high school. I am terrified of what is next. I have no idea what I want to do. Maybe real estate of neuroscience. I want to make enough money to support people.”
“I am going to be a psychologist or something to do with math.”
“We met because she thought I looked funny and she showed a picture of me to her mom.”
“He wore a man bun. I had to take a picture and show my mom.”
“I did a powerpoint on a song she liked and that got her attention. It took a year to get close to he but  I wasn’t going away.”

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