We are holding each other up

October 25, 2018
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We are holding each other up

We are holding each other up

“This is our second hot meal in 11 days. The first one was yesterday. We have been living off sandwiches, chips and whatever was in the cabinet so we changed our whole route and day to be here today to get a hot meal. Some of my guys completely lost their place. This is my company, Mike’s Welding. I have a lot of clients in this town and trying to help them clean trees out of yards and remove them from houses. We just jacked a big building up that was collapsing.  Everyone has been so nice to each other and there is no mean or bullying. It takes something like this to bring us together.

Families have had to spend time together without the electronics. My nine-year-old daughter hasn’t had her iPhone or iPad but two days into it, she got out her coloring book. This has made her a kid again.”

“I am staying at the back part of my house. It is livable but the rest of my house is destroyed. I haven’t had time to think about it because we have been working from daylight to dark for other people. It is postponing the facts that I am going to have to deal with when I get home. A lot of us are trapped because we don’t have gas. We sat in line at a gas station for four or five hours trying to get fuel. You can’t lay down and die. You have to keep going. I have never seen our community come together like this. Everybody is holding each other up.”

(Callaway, Florida)

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  1. Sher Graham says:

    Communities come together like this during the storm in every city across the country. Unity in the community then last for a short time or it can continue. It is my hope that Callaway citizens who are coming together continue the effort to stay together and work together as they rebuild their lives and their community. I hope that they don’t do what has happened to many cities in Alabama and Mississippi who were together for a short time and years later are not sustaining the unity but are farther apart.

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