We are on a runcation in Morocco

March 30, 2017
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We are on a runcation in Morocco

We are on a runcation in Morocco

“We are doing the running ultra adventure. There are different stages each day in Morocco. We ran through mountains and villages today. Today was 18 miles.”

“Standing here after this day is beautiful. It is more than words and a little overwhelming to run all day and then stand up here with this view.”

“It’s a runcation. We used vacation days from work to do this. We will run 85 or 90 miles. Some tacked on a few more days to run 100 more.”

“I brought four pairs of running shoes with me.”

“Runs like this ground you and make you so appreciative of life. I could be in my cubicle today, instead I was running through mountains in Morocco.”

“We are all trail runners or at different stages of marathons and ultra marathons. We are from Austin, Denver and Puerto Rico and met each other through this. It helps to know there is someone crazier than you.”

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