We are out of our element

July 3, 2018
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We are out of our element

We are out of our element

“We are having family time because our two college kids are home. .Hiking and staying out in the woods is completely different for us. We are sleeping in a cabin and out of our element, but it just an overnighter. We can do this.”

“I go to Xavier University and one of my friends told me about camping on this bridge. It looked pretty dope so I wanted to come and see it for myself. My family said okay. I want to be a filmmaker and I am filming all of this.”

“I should have looked at the pictures and realized this is outside. They have bears and bugs here. This stuff is real out here….Hey! Don’t go too far or you guys are going to fall off. Once you do it, then the others will start. It’s all fun and games until someone falls off.”

“He is scared of heights and scared for everyone else. They are fooling around making it worse. I am scared of the bugs. This towel on my head is to protect me from them.”

“I am about to kill that bug on you.”

“A normal vacation is Disney World or the beach. We did Ruby Falls once. Why did we do that?”

“Home is Cincinnati. I am product trainer for Chevrolet and he works for Cincinnati Bell. I hope we make it home alive.”

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  1. Darlene Mueller says:

    God bless!


    You sound like a fun family! Enjoy your new adventure!

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