We are taking our own senior pictures

May 19, 2020
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We are taking our own senior pictures

We are taking our own senior pictures

“We are high school seniors and taking our own senior pictures. We missed our prom and don’t know if we will have a graduation, but my mother is making a prom for my friends in our backyard when it is okay to be together again. We won’t exceed the limit, but I am glad I get to wear the dress I ordered. I am bored and sad and want to be with my friends again. Most of us were born around 9/11 and now we are dealing with Corona. I am going to Coastal in the fall.”

“I worked at a movie theater, but that closed so I got a new job making pizzas. I am going into the Marines this summer and trying to create my own workouts at home to get ready for bootcamp.”

“We started dating last fall. I wasn’t sure the first time he was really asking me out. We are good together and are going to try to make it through college and the Marines.”

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