We are The Flying Morgans

November 23, 2018
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We are The Flying Morgans

We are The Flying Morgans

“We are The Flying Morgans, a third generation circus family from Los Angeles and we are visiting New Orleans for a few days as tourists. This is our everyday getup and I have many coats like this. We don’t blend in anywhere. It started with my parents. My mother opened for Frank Sinatra in 1942 and the Andrew Sisters babysat me when my parents went on USO tour. We also do stunts for movies.”

“We are eccentric dressers. Life is too short to wear boring socks and I went from there. I am an actor. I do commercials, televisions and movies. I play Colette in the Series of Unfortunate Events series with Neil Patrick Harris. I am also a contortionist and also do horror.”
“Next on the docket is the Dickens fair where we will carol and make merry. There are a lot of people in our world like us.”

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