We bring out the best in each other

March 31, 2021
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We bring out the best in each other

We bring out the best in each other

“This is the end of our senior year. We are planning for the future, but it is getting real. We are becoming adults and things are changing. I am going to UAB as a biomed major and want to become a dermatologist. My mom is a single mom and has raised me most of my life. We are very close. I am an only child and she is not handling me leaving very well.”

“I am going to Auburn and majoring in physical therapy or athletic training. Sports have always been a big part of my life. I play basketball and soccer. I am the third child. As soon as I leave my mom will be an empty nester. She is excited about that.”

“We met in choir and Spanish class. It wasn’t an instant friendship. But we went to a coffee shop one afternoon after school and have been together non-stop ever since. She is fun and spur of the moment. There is always something new with her.

“I live at her house and have a key to get in. They have extra dinner for me. She is serious and calms my ADHD. She keeps me focused on things I need to do, but she knows how to have fun. We complement and bring out the best in each other. My bracelet is H.W.L.F, for ‘He Would Love First.’ It is the answer to ‘What would Jesus do?’ He would love first.”

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  1. Dawn B says:

    What a beautiful friendship! Praying God’s blessings over both if yours’ futures. College can be distracting & misleading in your Christ-walk. Remember the 1st question – WWJD- as you navigate the social scene. Always use your HWLF – I love it!

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