We brought 40 people with us to Mardi Gras

February 9, 2018
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We brought 40 people with us to Mardi Gras

We brought 40 people with us to Mardi Gras

“I grew up in Mobile and went to med school at South Alabama. I am a pulmonary critical care doctor in Nashville. When we got married, coming back every Mardi Gras was part of the marriage contract. We have come down 13 times and this year we brought 40 people. I have 51 T-shirts. Most are friends from Nashville and we will have 21 kids at our max on Saturday. Every time we come back, Mobile gets a little bit bigger and a little more put together. I love bringing people here because most of them didn’t know Mobile was here and almost everyone who comes here once comes back. We have four families that are first timers this year. The first time it was our family and another family, now we are all staying at the Riverview and take over a floor and a half. My youngest girl got up at four this morning because she was so excited about going to Mardi Gras. This is our family’s favorite time of the year and we start listening to Mardi Gras music on January 3. I miss the food and laid-back atmosphere of Mobile. It is so good to be home.”

3 comments on “We brought 40 people with us to Mardi Gras”

  1. Julie Hoagland says:

    Welcome home and have a great Mardi Gras!!

  2. June Hope says:

    Greatness thanks for being man ambassador for our wonderful city!

  3. Dawn says:

    Welcome one & all…you are now officially Bead & Moon Pie addicts! Welcome home to you & your family; there are certain things you just have to return for!!!

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